First Day of 3rd Year

12th May 2008 - The 3rd year Medical Students of UKM have officially started their new term as they attended the briefing session in Auditorium PPUKM at 2.00pm. Everyone were dressing in formal awaiting for the briefing that were soon to come.
The first item on the notice was regarding the KTDI hostel. As the number of students increase throughout the years, this expansion brought about insufficient hostel rooms to house all the students, thus resulting in the need to accomplish merits to be able to stay in the hostel KTDI, or risk having to stay in the out of college in Laman Midah or Prisma Cheras. The recent increase in status of college hostels to be on par with faculty has lead to improvements of facilities and a new system of merits to compete to stay inside the KTDI hostel.

The second item was the introduction of the JAKSA, which is the organization involve in hostel matters. It was a bried introduction of their organization and their committee members and they were on their recruitment drive to attract future potential committee members of JAKSA, plus some regulations on the parking in KTDI hostel.

The last item in the briefing was on the PPD module for the 3rd year. This briefing was made so that the students are clear of what they are to face and experience throughout the year, including their postings blocks.

Finally, a movie with PPD theme was shown and the students watched "Something The Lord Made". After that, the medical student could leave the auditorium and have their own free time to pack or unpack, or do anything they wanted to.

And lastly, a reminder to all 3rd year Medical Students that they are supposed to meet up at the lobby of Blok Pendidikan by 7.30am. Thank you!

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