Ibnu Sina

This is a brief description of the Ibnu Sinal facility center in KTDI:

Facility Center of KTDI - Ibnu Sina

While this building looks small, it is actually small. However, this building has 3 floors which accommodate the students staying inside KTDI.

Ibnu Sina Hall

Discussion room and Guy's Recreational Room

Inside recreational room

Kak Ros Photostat Shop and Ai Dot Com Cyber Cafe

Mak Yong Cafe (Previously was Wahid Cafe)

Mak Yong Cafe (Previously was Wahid Cafe)

Mak Yong Cafe (Previously was Wahid Cafe)
Grocery shop

Grocery shop

On the ground floor, there is a reading lounge on the right. Newspapers can be seen there, although I'm not sure they are provided by KTDI or purchased by the students. Further inside, there are a photocopy shop, a cyber cafe (Ai Dot Com), a Mini Gym (locked at that moment), a male recreational room, two small multi-purpose hall and a JAKSA meeting room.

The 1st floor is where the cafeteria is located. There is a small grocery shop inside, and a small PERSIAP meeting room and the toilets are located there too. The female's recreational room is located on this floor.

The 2nd floor is where the KTDI office is located. If you do have any problems and enquiries, youll have to do that in this office. Do that that it operates during office hours.

Of course, for the Muslims, there is a surau for prayers, the al-Radzi surau. Below are a view of the interiors of the surau.




I hope this photo tour would be able to give a rough idea on how Ibnu Sina looks like. Don't worry too much, you'll get used to here very soon if you'd stay here for at least a week.

*Credits given to KTDi wordpress for some of the photos which are taken from there, especially those from the surau al-Radzi.

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