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Below are the compilation of efforts for theAnesthesiology posting, which the downloads are solely for internal distribution. The added extra readings will be for all to read and gain.

1.Anesthesiology Case Write Up Template 2009
Download links: 4shared (Also available from Downloads Section)

2.Body Simulation for Anesthesia
Found these download links for the program used during CAL, with more than the 6 patients. Please do note that use at your own risk as this program tends to have bugs and crashes rather often, just like the CAL legitimate program.
Download link: Rapidshare|

01- Airway Management (ppt)
Download links:  4shared
03-Pre-Op Assessment (ppt)-senior's lecture '08
Download links:  4shared
04-Care of Critically Ill Patient (ppt) -not the original lecture ppt
Download links: 4shared

Related CPG's
  • Recommendations for Safety Standards and Monitoring during Anaesthesia and Recovery
  • Guidelines on Preoperative Fasting (Revised 2008)
  • MMC Guidelines: Brain Death (Contributor: Stella)
Downloads available at the download section (sidebar)
Folder: Triad --> Anes --> CPG

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