Medicine Posting Downloads + Readings

Below are the compilation of efforts meant for the use of medical students to improve their knowledge in Internal Medicine, along with some useful downloads from one of the posting in Year 3. Do take your time to go through each and every one of them, and I'm sure you'll make your way through Year 3 Internal Medicine like a breeze if you've manage to complete it diligently. However, do not be in despair if you've not done so. Learning is a life-long process, and these here are just your supplement. Be consistent is always the safest rout.

*Note: The links are internal (leading to sites in Med PBL) unless stated otherwise (In brackets)

Workshop questions can be downloaded at the "Quickie download" sidebar. Those extras shall be posted here:
  1. Hematology/Infection Workshop Questions and Pictures
    Mirror Download: |4shared| Mediafire

  2. Dermato/Rheumato Workshop Questions and Pictures
    Mirror Download: 4shared| Mediafire
  3. Neurology Workshop Questions and Pictures
    Mirror Download: 4shared| Mediafire
  4. Nephrology Workshop Questions and Pictures
    Mirror Download: | 4shared| Mediafire

  5. Cardiology Workshop Questions and Pictures
    Mirror Download:| 4shared| Mediafire

  6. Gastroenterology Workshop Questions and Pictures
    Mirror Download: | 4shared| Mediafire
Extra Materials
  1. Spirometry Guides: Techniques and Basics
    Download Link: |Sendspace | 4shared |
  2. Cardiac Auscultation Software
    Download Link:| Sendspace | 4Shared |

Physical Examination
  1. Internal Medicine: Examination of Cardiovascular System (IntMed3)
  2. Internal Medicine: Examination of Respiratory System (IntMed3)
  3. Internal Medicine: Examination of Neurological System (IntMed3)
  4. +++ Continuation of Must-Knows in Neurology
  5. Internal Medicine: Examination of Abdomen and Gastrointestinal System (IntMed3)
  6. Internal Medicine: Examination of the Diabetic Foot
  7. Internal Medicine: Examination of a patient with Cushing's

Falling in Despair - Syncope

Short Cases:
  1. Prof Izham Cheong's Short Case Exercises
  2. Of Winks and Ptosis
  3. Homework by Jeffrey

PPUKM Long Cases, Short Cases - 3rd Year
  1. 1st posting 2008/2009: Short cases exam - Chin Kimg
  2. 3rd Posting 2008/2009: Short cases exam- Su Yan
  3. 4th Posting 2008/2009: Short Cases Exam - Koh Ging
  4. End Posting Exam (Short Cases) advice - Prof (M) Dr Oteh

Express Q&A Revision
  1. For Starters: Endocrinology - Jeffrey (Int Med 3)
  2. Gastroenterology - Jefrrey (Int Med 3)
  3. Neurology 1 - Review of Common Diseases - Jeffrey (Int Med 3)
  4. Infectious Disease - Jeffrey (Int Med 3)
  5. Rheumatology - Jeffrey (Int Med 3)
  6. Diabetes Mellitus: Sugar is Not That Sweet After All - Jeffrey
  7. Dermatology -> It's Not Only Skin Deep - Jeffrey
  8. Nephrology: Filtering and Plumbing - Jeffrey

Interesting Reads

  1. Things You Should Know By Now (5th Week of Posting)
  2. Important Must Knows
  3. Scrub Tyhpus - A Must Know
  4. Lucid Interval in Epidural Hematoma
  5. Medicine Online Questions
  6. WHO Guidelines for Malaria
  7. Pathophysiology of Finger Clubbing
  8. Blastocystis - New cause of chronic diarrhea
  9. Diabetic Neuropathy - Jeffrey (Int Med 3)
  10. Morning Hyperglycemia in Diabetics - Somogyi or Dawn?- Alvis (Medik-UKM)
  11. Infranuclear Ophthalmoplegia
  12. 2010 ACR-EULAR Classification Criteria for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  13. Sepsis & SIRS

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