Another Update - 11th April 2008

Basic Clinical Program

On 17th and 18th of May, there will be a Basic Clinical program for the new 3rd year medical students (Our batch la), after we cam back from PPD camp.

This Basic Clinical Program intends to expose the new batch of 3rd years (us) to the reality and what we would be facing in the future in clinical years. So, it sorts of prepare us mentally for the tight and hectic regime, perhaps. (And torture and suffering and whatever you can think of)

Hostel Matters

On the day of registration for KTDI (9th May), those who are bringing their belongings with them to check in, will have to get an authorized letter to bring those stuff into hostel. The letter can be obtained at the KTDI office.

For those who brought their belongings without the aid of lorry, you are advised not to park your vehicles in the college area to prevent obstruction of the road which is in fact, rather small and not wide.

Please inform your friends about this. May peace be with you.

This piece of bulletin is brought to you by -YM- from the Medic UKM 06/07 batch group in Friendster.

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