Program Core Clinical Course (3C’s)

Attention to all 3rd year Medical Students of the 2008/2009 session:

The Basic Clinical Skill program had been renamed to Core Clinical Course (3C's).

Perhaps it's just to make the name sounds nicer. X'D

The suggested itinerary for the course would be as follows:

17 May 2008 (Saturday)

8.oo am : Arrival of students and registration at the auditorium

8.30 am : 1st Slot - O&G

10.00 am : 2nd Slot - Surgery

11.30 am : 3rd Slot - Medicine & Society

1.00 pm : REST

2.30 pm : 4th Slot - Medicine

4.00 pm : Adjourn

18 May 2008 (Sunday)

8.00 am : 5th Slot- Life as a Clinical Medical Student

10.00 am : Visit to clinical block

12.30 pm : Adjourn

#Attendance is compulsory for all 3rd year Medical Students

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