ATTENTION: To all 3rd Year Medical Students

Please do note of the latest statement from KTDI web, Roy, the Secretary of KTDI JAKSA 08/09 has mentioned that the KTDI administration would like to notify all students who had juts resit their Year 2 papers are not allowed to register on the 9th of May 2008, as long as the official results are not released yet by the academic office. They would not be able to proceed with the registration process for the resitters should they happen to be present for hostel registration. KTDI office has also offered their sincerest apologies for the late notice and regretted for any troubles faced by the resitters. KTDI will be praying for the passing of the resitters so that they would join the rest of the KTDI residents as medical students of UKM.

However, there seems to be no glitches and the resitters were able to register themselves into the hostel. Any updates will be posted soon.

The early birds

On a side note, everyone seems to arrive as early as 6.00am despite the fact that the registration starts at 8.00am. However, it was very fortunate as only a few of such unfortunate people who would rather wait for at least an hour or two just to get their hostel rooms of choice. The crowd only started to appear around 7.30am, as the office started their operation at around 8.30am. The registration for KTDI residents had to register on the 2nd floor of the KTDI facility center while the those staying in Laman Midah and Prisma Perdana had the luxury of doing their registration on the ground floor. Of course, those who are queuing for KTDI registration had the sauna of their life and nothing else matters despite the sweat and stink.

Camping throughout the night?

Queuing for the KTDI registration for the rooms

The guys are usually not as early as the girls, so they are down the stairs instead of up.

The crowd at its peak with no room between them. What a 'battle'!

After the registration, everyone went to their respective rooms and did some cleaning or inspections as to prepare themselves for their future stay in KTDI or Laman Midah/Prisma Perdana. Whether where you will be staying at, Medical PBL UKM would like to offer a wish of welcome to UKMMC to all 3rd year medical students.

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~*caryn*~ said...

hey there. i arrived around 9.30, probably one of the last few to go register. got three rooms, sharing with a 5th year senior, and personally i think we were damn lucky to have got such a room at such a late hour =p second floor, very clean bathrooms and all, and yea albeit the tilam rosak here and katil runtuh there and almari takde pintu in another, it's pretty bearable alright :P