first up, books for sale~!

according to seniors, we might be needing these books for our surgery posting:
the textbook would be:
Forsythe (pronounced For-Sai), and then there're also other books like Browse Surgery (which is something like Talley for surgery), and also Churchill Handbook of Surgery.

and so as usual i'm the salesperson again, the retail prices will be announced soon, and feel free to sms me for details ^^

and for medicine posting, the most useful book would be Baby Kumar & Clarks, retailing at rm60 if i'm not mistaken.

and as always, the bigger bulk we order, the lower price we can get =)

Prices at time is:
Forsythe : RM120
Browse Surgery : RM85
Churchill Handbook of Surgery : RM65

Obstetrics by Ten Teachers : RM 55
Gynaecology by Ten teachers : RM55

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