(Updated 7th May) Important: KTDI Parking Rules and Regulations

A few days ago, representatives of JAKSA and UKMMC had a meeting regarding the parking system in the college.

A few rules and regulations had been summed up by the security office regarding the parking regulations including those in KTDI, which are as follows:

First and foremost:

After 15th May, the parking lots in KTDI are only meant for students, with the car sticker for zone K.

Any car sticker other than K would not be allowed to park in college area at all. As there are misuse of the car sticker zone J, UKMMC's side would change the car sticker for students to be zone K. This car sticker will only be limited to STUDENTS who OWNS and DRIVES a CAR into the college. Students who are not driving into the college (and park as well) are requested not to apply the stickers for your friends or family members as the parking lots are extremely limited and the car stickers will only be produced according to the number of parking lots available.

Announcement would be made as soon as the car stickers are ready.


There are a few areas gazetted as no-parking zone which includes:

(i) area without yellow parking lot boxes, even if it is by the roadside. Students who owns a car are requested to make use of the available yellow boxes. Failure to abide by the rules would result in the issuance of summonses. A grace period of 2 weeks would be given for everyone to obey the law, and any offence done thereafter would result in the usage of wheel clamps.

(ii) area beside the surau and the house of the Principal of College

The area mentioned is nearby C block, starting from the bottom to the top. No-parking signs would be erected in this area, other than for the staff parking.

(iii) area behind block B, starting from just beside the motorcycle parking lots up till the top. This area needs to be emptied and gazetted as a lane for fire engine only. (Please refer to the parking plan shown on the notice board- uploaded in this post below.)


There are concerns regarding the difficulty for parents to visit their children in college as only cars with parking stickers can be allowed into the college area. To solve this, all students will be issued a "visitor's pass" to be given to their parents who would like to visit their children. Parents who drives in with the pass shall be permitted to drive into the college area. This pass can be obtained at the college's office.


For those who are taking a taxi, students are advised to show their matrix card to the security guard and they will allow taxi to send you into the college. This is to prevent the students from being taken action by the security personnel. All students are requested to obey the regulations stated. If there is any problems, you can refer to the YDP JAKSA. They will be glad to hear or help you.

Please spread the news.

Source: YDP JAKSA KTDI 08/09,

Translation: Wong Yee Ming

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Updated 7th May 2008:

While the K Zone Sticker had not been issued, students who have the HUKM student car sticker will have to make do to park within the J zone car park. Please refer to the blueprint below, and you can click to enlarge.

For the visitor pass, it is for sure that each student staying inside will be issued a visitor pass, with the student's particulars printed on the back of the visitor pass including name and matric number.

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