KTDI Notice: 23rd May 2008

Lately, there are reports on shoes being stolen/lost, especially in the guys' block in KTDI. Such incidences has been on the rise.

Please do take proper precautions to prevent your shoes from being stolen. If possible, do keep your shoes in your house or in your rooms.

Other than your shoes, please do take care of your other valuable belongings such as laptops, cameras, handphones, and wallets.

If there is any of your valuable belongings had gone missing, you can report it to KTDI UKM website or report it directly to Hazwani Rani for record and surveillance purposes (013-7059834) along with your name, matric number, and date and time of the incident.

We hope that you would be taking this matter seriously and take immediate action in response to this notice.

If you had notice any suspicious individuals in your respective blocks, do report it immediately to your FELO or the security authorities.

Everyone's co-operation is appreciated. We shall fight theft together.

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