New Members/Bloggers in Town!

Great news here! With the inclusion of new members in MedicalPBL team, there will be more updates and news whenever possible. Please do note that we at MedicalPBL UKM are accepting members for various help we can get. A little contribution from all, and everyone benefits a lot.

The current members are:

  1. Wong Yee Ming
  2. Jeffrey Lee
  3. Boey Ching Yeen (Stella)
  4. Foo Yi Hui
  5. Mohd Subhan bin Safie
  6. Sei Fon Sheng
  7. Wong Koh Ging
  8. Tan Chin Kimg
  9. Lim Sze Wern
  10. Auji Azhani
  11. Lim Chong Teik (Thomson)
  12. Yap Su Yan
  13. Muhd Faiz
  14. Tan Yan Chin
  15. Wan Nuruddin
  16. Chong Su Huan
  17. Sam Jo Ee
  18. Caryn Leong
  19. Loh Jia Hui
  20. Lee Chai Peng
  21. Loke Choy Yin
  22. Izzati Rani
  23. Masyitah Md Radzi

A round of applause for them!! :P

Update (July 23rd, 2010):
Medical PBL UKM welcomes doctors and medical students to contribute to this site. We offer our hands to everyone who can help us out, even in trivial stuff for uploads, sourcing, and notices/announcements. As we are now a team of more than 20+ people, we are thankful to all contributors, regardless of how big or small your contribution is. Special thanks to Jeffrey for his dedicated contribution in the Internal Medicine aspect which I hope will benefit even more medical students in the future.

That being said, yet we are still not yet satisfied with our manpower. Sharing is caring, and we are all here to complete each other. So, why not if there are even hundreds of contributors? We wouldn't mind if every reader could be a contributor here, wherever you are. n_n

Basic Requirement:

  • Medical Doctors or Medical Students
  • Willing to help out and spread/share the words and knowledge to other fellow students
  • Happy and not grumpy.
  • Have some free time to spare for us.

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wanpointwan said...

wan nuruddin here..

how do i become a contributor?