A New Place, A New Start

Well, looks like today is the first day of 3rd year, so I'm sure there's a lot that you guys have been up to and busy unpacking. To brush off with the Monday Blues, I think that blogging is a good outlet for it. And here's some updates from Persiap and KTDI UKM blogs.

  1. Briefing and PPD Camp
    All 3rd year Medical Students are required to be at the auditorium for briefing on the 12th May 2008 (Today) at 2.00pm.
    PPD Camp will start on the 13th May 2008 (Tomorrow) in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Expect a long journey north then.
    --Source: PERSIAP web

  2. Medical Books Sales Promotion
    There will be a medical books sales at the corridor of the library on the 3rd floor. Since there will be a lot of medical books that we would be needing, here is a good spot to at least browse through if you feel like buying your own new books. Otherwise, you can just buy from there since it is going to be cheaper with 50-70% discounts. I'm not really sure what type of medical books are sold there, whether it is 2nd hand or what, so you can head there to have a look yourself!

    --Source: KTDI UKM web

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~*caryn*~ said...

i checked it out. mostly just old books that i don't see on the list of books that yewlok gave me to sell. will be meeting him to confirm the retail prices later though. will tell you guys which ones you can get cheaper from me than kamal and vice versa.