A view of UKMMC Hostels

KTDI has always been lacking of photos to show the "beauty" of its view. Thus this is provided as a means of virtual tour.

This is the front part of the hostel in KTDI viewed from just outside of Academic Block in HUKM.

The netball court

Volleyball court

The hostels' view

Car park zone K on a day when there are not many students. Usually is packed till double parking occurs.

Zone H parking area beneath the previous zone K parking, usually for UKMMC medical personnel.

For those who might be staying outside, there are two apartments which you might stay in, whether it is Laman Midah(students stay mainly there) or Prisma Perdana. Both are rather near as they are just behind the KTDI hostels. It is around 100m from the apartment to the back entrance to KTDI hostel. There is a guard house at the back entrance although the security isn't that tight as many people were passing there freely at daytime.

The small lane on the left side of the photo is where you will walk to and fro the apartments. Do note the small building with a red rooftop at the bottom of the photo is the guardhouse. The white square building on the right is a sewage facility which smell foul if you are looking from the top but does not pose any problem if you walk beside it. The red apartment on the top right is Laman Midah. This photo is taken from top view just outside the facility center of KTDI. Not shown in the photo is the Prisma Perdana apartment which is just further right of the photo. It is nearer to the back entrance as the apartment's main entrance is nearer while Laman Midah's main entrance is on the other side of the road.

The guard house

Prisma Perdana is on the right side of the photo, which can be seen from the Facility Center of KTDI as it is just right behind KTDI.

A proper view of Laman Midah apartment from the Facility Center in KTDI.

A front view of Laman Midah

This is the road where you need to walk to the front entrance of Laman Midah apartment(right). It is rather adequately lighted as you can see the lamp posts on the right side of the road.

This is a photo taken from the other end of the road. The Proton Wira in the photo is my buddy's! :P

Opposite the road, there are food stalls catering from Chinese to Malay cuisine. Most were not opened at that time when I walk around there, so I deduced that they are open at night.

I hope my photos help in orientating everyone about the 'outer hostel' for HUKM. Also take note that outside apartment caters for 6 in a 3-room apartment ( 3-2-1). Beds, tables and chairs are provided, from what I had heard.

At the time being, the list of names of students staying out or inside KTDI has been finalized by JAKSA. The list should be out tomorrow (8th May 2008). From what I had heard, it is estimated that there are 63 single rooms available for males and 118 single rooms available for females. So, all the best to all.

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