Written Report regarding the Recent Theft Incidents

The news on the theft that had happened recently in the hostel KTDI has been brought up in the recent JAKSA meeting for further action.

Apart from that, there are reports that there were males passing by the female's blocks at night. JAKSA KTDI is concern of the welfare and the safety of the residents in the hostel, thus they are taking it seriously and with concern.

Therefore, JAKSA KTDI is requesting for the residents of the hostel KTDI who had issues regarding the security to submit a WRITTEN REPORT so that the authority could take safety measures to tackle the problem.

You can contact the following personnel for more informatio or to submit your written report.

Mohd Rafi b Jamari

(Pengerusi Biro Keselamatan dan Tugas-Tugas Khas)

Contact number : 012-2198462


Nurul Aiman bt. Adnan

(Pengerusi Biro Hal Ehwal Siswi)

Contact number : 012-3648784

Please be reminded that written report is very important for security measures to be effectively enforced.

Source: KTDI UKM Wordpress

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