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Here's the section for O&G Downloads. It's not much, but hope it'll help.
*Most of the materials can also be downloaded from the sidebar download section in this site.



  1. O & G Case Write-up Template - YM (2008)
    Download Link: (4shared)
  2. Short Case Write Up Template (as of Oct 2010)
    Download Links: Box.net | Mediafire
  3. Obstetrics History Taking Template - YM (Suggestion)
    Download Link: (4shared)
  4. Partogram Write Up+ Partogram Chart + Individual attendance - YM (2008)
    Download Link: (4shared)
  5. UKMMC Partogram 2010 - YM
    Download Link: Box.net

  1. Reproductive Physiology Lecture - Dr Amelia
    Download Link: Mediafire (Updated 22nd June 2011)
  2. Bleeding in Pregnancy - A/P Dr Paul
    Download Link: Mediafire (Updated 22nd June 2011)
  3. O&G Lectures Compilation: (As stated below)
    Download Link: Mediafire (Updated 22nd June 2011)
    • Clerking O&G Case (by Prof Zainul)
    • Contraception (by Prof Paul)
    • Hyperemesis Gravidarum
    • Ectopic Pregnancy
    • Cephalopelvic Disproportion (by Prof Paul)
    • Instrumental Deliveries (By Dr Uma)
    • Pre- and Post-Operative Mx in O&G (By Dr Amelia)
    • Bleeding in Early Pregnancy (By dr Raja Nor Farahiyah)
    • Antepartum Hemorrhage (by Prof Shuhaila)
    • Post-partum Hemorrhage
Gestational Diabetes, A/P Dr Nor Azlin
Download Link: (4shared)

Workshop Materials:
Episiotomy Workshop Manuals-1st August 2008

Recommended Reads:

E-book: Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Textbook-by Stephen Jeffrey
File Size: ~ 6.6MB     Format: PDF
Download Links: Box.net | Mediafire
Recommended by: Yap Su Yan


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do you still have the O&G Lectures Compilation. the link given not working anymore ;(