3rd Year Short Cases 1st posting

I've received a note (an e-mail actually) from Chin Kimg regarding the short case exams that was done by the first posting of the 3rd year MS 2008/2009. She's more than willing to compile and gather the cases to share with us, especially those who are taking this coming short case exam. Hope it'll be of help to those currently in medicine posting. All the best!!!

And specials thanks to Chin Kimg too!!

So, here's what she has wrote:


3rd Year Short Cases

These are some of the short cases that we get.
we were divided into ten stations with 2 cases in each stations.
1) AR and TR
2) hepatomegaly + Jaundice
3) CCF
4) Guillain Barre Syndrome
5) TB (mantoux test > 20mm induration)
6) CVA - upper limb weakness
7) AR
8) Horner's syndrome
9) Lymphoma
10) Unilateral Ptosis due to surgical 3rd cranial nerve palsy. The patient is chinese uncle from ward 1, the pupil is dilated with reduced constriction to light) According to the doc, the diagnosis is PCOM aneurysm.
11) Ascites and hepatomegaly
13) Lower limb numbness
14) Mitral stenosis
15) TR
16) Diabetic neuropathy

Cases that we expected but didn't come out were SLE, RA, Scleroderma, Cushing's etc. Dr rashidi said COAD is more for fifth year-spot diagnosis.

We got dr Teh, Dr Ting, Dr Petrick, Prof Norlaila, Dr Sheikh, Prof Tan Hui Jian and a few more as examiners. Most of our supervisors like Dr Masliza, Dr Andrea were not there. No signs of Prof Raymond or Datin.

That 's all. Hope that'll help.
Good luck and all the best!!!!!!!!



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FaDhLi said...

"Cases that we expected but didn't come out were SLE, RA, Scleroderma, Cushing's etc."

hey, i got scleroderma laaa... Indian female.. she also have RA.. diagnosis is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.