Cardiac Auscultation Software

(28th Sept 2008)
At last, I've found the ultimate auscultation software by McGraw Hill!!

The software is:

Mastering Auscultation:

An Audio Tour to Cardiac Diagnosis

by Dr. Anthony Don Michael

It's quite a big file actually, around a whooping 90MB, so I guess you'll have to bear with the long download speed.

And I might be happy to chuck it to anyone who needs it, but that'll depend on my mood, since I wouldn't want everyone to come barging at my door 24/7. Maybe I'll price it at RM 5 or 10 per copy(CD) so that it'll deter you guys from disturbing my peaceful life. I'd enough experience with that. Lol!

So here's the download link, and enjoy!

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!
(No other mirror since this file is too big)

(7th Sept 2008)
It's been quite a task for medical students to hear different heart sounds, so I reckoned that heart sounds are best heart through software. Unfortunately, there may be varying quality on the web and the difference could not be appreciated by me who had not even heard the real thing yet.

So, I'd googled out this software and hope that medical students who had been to the medicine posting would be able to tell me how is the quality of the software for the aid of the rest. Thanks!

Cardiac Auscultation Software (Sendspace)

Mirror: 4shared

P.S. I'll be looking for better ones when I have the free time.

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