Important must knows?

Presentation of cardiac pathology
Angina-MI difference
STEMI and NSTEMI and how to differentiate them
Complications of MI
Principle of management of MI and Angina
CCF-at least know the 3 most common cause i.e. MI,dilated cardiomyopathy and systemic hypertension, others such as congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease and cor pulmonale is additional
Types of CCF
Effect of CCF on CXR and ECG
Complications of CCF
Heart block-ECG changes(may be asked in long case)

Atrial Fibrillation-causes, effect and management. For causes, i use the mnemonic I SMART CHAP, there are other mnemonics such as CVS HaRUS CePat etc...use whichever 1 convenient

I=inflammatory condition such as pericarditis and pleuritis

S=sick sinus syndrome, in old people where there is idiopathic fibrosis of the sinoatrial node
M=Medications such as verapamil, levothyrosine
A=atherosclerosis of the vessels leading to ischaemia
R=Rheumatic heart disease

C=congenital heart disease
H=systemic hypertension
P=pulmonary causes e.g. pulmonary embolism and pneumonia

Infective endocarditis- Memorise the Duke criteria inside out,aetiologic agent and appropriate antibiotics is extremely important.many neglect this

Rheumatic heart disease-The bacteria involve, involve what valve, what is the extracardiac features(Duckett Jones criteria)
Dont forget the drugs used to treat cardiac disorders.

Whatever not in the list doesn mean not important a...maybe i forget to write only..

I think this is enough to cope for now kua.....respi, neuro and gastro and others next time tell la..

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