Medicine and Society

I've observed that so far nobody have written anything about JKM posting. For the benefit of our friends who is in and who will go for JKM posting, i will write something. Want to read about medicine, go to my blog la at intmed3. i lazy to write here hehe.

Several facts about Medicine and Society posting:
1) It is quite fun :)

2) Tg Karang is a town in the District of Kuala Selangor, which is around 1 hour and a half away from HUKM

3) The students will be divided into 2 big groups of 30 students each, one group will be posted around at kuala selangor and another to Sabak bernam, which is around 1 hour away from where you stay. (Teluk Intan is only 40km away from Sabak Bernam)

4)In the group of 30, students will be further placed in group of 10 each. Means there will be 3 small group. The small group will be posted to Pejabat Kesihatan daerah, Hospital Daerah and Klinik Kesihatan for field posting.

5)Here comes the confusing part: The members of each small group must write a report on 1 unit in the place they are posted to in the 1st week. For example, if your group is posted to PKD(Pejabat kesihatan daerah, NOT polycystic kidney disease) in the first week, each person in the group must select a unit in the PKD (e.g. BAKAS,KMM,KMMam) and write a report about it.

6) Be serious, dont play play, and observe whatever you do in the field posting.It is important as most of the questions in the exam, including OSCE, is from the field posting. Remember all the akta (such as akta pemusnahan serangga pembawa penyakit 1975 and NADOPOD 2004) and what it does, what unit enforces it etc.

7)During the survey week, finish your part as soon as possible. After that you can play all you like.

8)All assignments should be completed as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate. There's lots of time to play.(anyway, there;s nothing to play in Tg karang besides eating)

JKM is indeed a honeymoon posting compared to OnG and Medicine. But do read the first and second year lectures when you are free. Questions do come out!

The questions in the exam i took is simple(serious!). Be prepared for a harder set of questions this sem...

Any queries regarding JKM and Medicine, ask those who have been through it last sem(including me). Similarly we will not hesitate to get your advice for OnG and surgery :) Good luck and enjoy seafood and life in Tg Karang :)

P/S: anyone want recommendation on good food in Tg karang can contact yi hui hahaha..

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