Scrub Typhus......A must know!

This is one of the "not so Italicwell known" differential diagnosis encountered for abdominal pain.
Why am i putting this here? because in my internal medicine long case, the examiner asked me about scrub typhus in long case. Now in surgery, imagine my horror(or humor) when the examiner again ask me about scrub typhus,in long case also!!! So, i think it must be very common in Malaysia,although i have never seen 1 in HUKM before!

The link below is a reliable source. But remember, although it is stated that scrub typhus is common in China, africa etc, it is extremely common in Malaysia!!! If not, what for 2 different lecturers from 2 different departments ask me about it?

This is another link to Scrub Typhus, although no mention of abdominal pain as a presenting symptom is given.

My advice: If you get an abdominal pain for long or short case, and cannot think of any differntial, just say scrub typhus!!Lecturers will be impressed hahaha

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keetat said...

Was thinking the same thing, whether typhus is so common in Malaysia. Then i tried to search "Typhus in Malaysia" in google and i saw this link.. haha..
Had a teaching with Dr. Ngau in HKL and he asked us about typhus. No one can answer it and he asked us to go back and read.