Things we should know by now

  • Causes of Heart Failure
  • Complication of heart failure
  • Signs of left and right ventricular failure
  • ECG
  • Acute coronary syndrome(ACS)
  • Differentiate USA and NSTEMI
  • Complications of MI
  • Principles of management of ACS
  • IE and dukes criteria
  • RHeumatic Heart disease and its criteria
  • Valvular heart disease and its causes, murmur associated


  • Cerebrovascular accident-> Types, localising effect,signs and management
  • Infections--meningitis,encephalitis, postinfectious polyneuropathy(Guillane Barre syndrome),neurosyphillis ---> common etiologic agent, presentation and treatment
  • Multiple sclerosis--> definition, which nerve affected and various presentations
  • Motor neurone disease--> roughly know the 4 types(Progressive muscle atrophy,progressive bulbar palsy,amyotropic lateral sclerosis and primary lateral sclerosis) and how it presents
  • Parkinsonism--> Pathology, presentations, how to examine and management
  • Dementia-->various type
  • Headache-->causes and how to differentiate
  • Peripheral neuropathy--> common causes

Respi and GIT, basically just read everything in K&C..

Neuro and Cardio "non essentials" such as Ventricular Bigemini,Torsades de pointes, syringomyelia etc can be ignored. Read a bit for fun maybe, but not necessary.

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