We are proud to announce that the residents of KTDI UKM would be able to enjoy the Wifi facilities from 29th January onwards! The coverage area includes all blocks as well as Ibnu Sina, so we can almost say that we can be able to access the internet from anywhere within the hostel area, whether if you are studying, bathing, in the toilet, or eating. Well, I'm not sure of the parking lot though, tell me if you've tried it.

On the other hand, the Local Area Network (LAN) cable would still be continued, so we would have options to access the internet. Well, that is, if they are not using the same internet line for both Wifi and LAN. Otherwise all you need to do is to access with your username and password to the Wifi (You'll have to check it out yourself since I haven't start using it yet at the time of notice)

Hopefully, this facility would be well used and appreciated, not the other way round of being misused.

Source: EXCO Information and Publishing, KTDI website

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Anonymous said...

what about de ppl staying at laman midah apartment? hello, we are part of ktdi residents!