3rd Year Short Cases 3rd posting

Alright, a last gallant effort for the last batch of Internal Medicine posting. For your information, Su Yan has compiled the short cases as much as possible from her 3rd posting of Internal Medicine 2008/2009. With that, we would have a fair idea of what to expect in our minds for the short cases from all the first 3 postings, and what could come out. So, here's what she has to say:

Su Yan:
Here's a list (very short one cos no one remembered anymore what they had) gathered of what came out last time:

CVS: heart failure ( not sure about this but I met patients telling me they went upstairs for exam before) , murmurs

Respi: Pneumonia, P. effusion.

GIT: Hepatosplenomegaly plus its causes. I got this and the q was like : Examine the abdomen system. Read question carefully!

Neuro: Parkinson's, stroke, you get the drift la.

Endocrine: Cushing's, Diabetic foot, Hyperthyroidism

Others:Rheumatoid, Scleroderma, Thalassaemia,

For my scleroderma case, the q was like " Look at the patient and describe what you see." Oh ya, please recognise Raynaud's!!! It was super cold that time and I think my patient was having one episode of it.

Not too sure about renal system la, but if got polycystic kidney, could come out.

Anymore systems ar? This can be added onto CK's previous list la, but I think almost similar only.

Again, really sorry for such a late reply. Good luck!

PS: Refer the "dekan' notes la. He helped me a lot.

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