Review for In a Page: Examination for Common Uncommon disorders in The ward

As some of you might know, i've already started writing about the examination methods of various "uncommon" disorders sometimes found in the ward and long and short case exams. These include rheumatoid arthritis, Cushings, Parkinson, Myasthenia Gravis,diabetic foot etc.

After "testing" the writing with my friends, i find that not only the techniques but also the method of presentation is important. Therefore, to upgrade the booklet, i humbly request some help from our coursemates for input about the presentation format for any "uncommon" disease found in the ward.Anyone who want to help me write, all the better. We can do this during our holidays. I know its a bit too much to do that during the holidays, but, this booklet will be useful for our juniors and for us in the fifth year.

The newer version that i'm thinking of will also include common questions asked in short and long cases. for this, i need as much input as possible.

No help is too small. Constructive critism will be very much appreciated and destructive critism will be forgiven. I hope we can do this together, because as far as i see, no books from UKM students are in the market yet.(there is at least 1 from UNIMAS)

comments and suggestions can be dropped here or at my blog at . I appreciate all that is given very much thank you

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