Short cases compilation

Examination is over and its time for celebration:)

These are the short cases that i gather, thanks to Koh Ging....any addition to this list please leave a comment or e mail me at

Examine the respi system
1) Rheumatoid arthritis with lobectomy
2)Lung Cancer
3) Pleural effusion
4) Bronchiectasis due to agammaglobinaemia

Examine the cardiovascular system
1) Mitral regurgitation pansystolic murmur
2) atrial fibrillaion

Examine the Neurological system
1) Upper limb CVA
2) Lower limb for ___?

Examine the neck for Graves disease

Examine the GI system for hepatosplenomegaly due to beta -thalassaemia

please leave a comment or e mail me for any further information or correction...Thank you so much

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