1st Anniversary

A couple of years back, I'd started out on this site just for the sake of toying around with a hobby. Little did I know what is the future of this site.

This changed a year ago, when I'd decided to put up more effort to make this a better site. It started out as a one-man's efforts, and no one really cared when I told them of this site. Well, as sceptics think, this might have been an effort to garner income from the side advertising from Nuffnang. So, not many people bothered.

But today, it is currently 1 year old of active duty, with a handful of members as well as a collective group of readers not just from Malaysia, but other countries as well. While many had faltered in their attempts to run a similar site, MedPBL stood strong for a year.

So, was it the advertising company that had supported the cause of this site and make it continue running? I can gladly say NO. The fact is, Nuffnang pays little compared to the efforts put in. How many of you would really bother of the ads in this site? (I'm not asking you to click the ads to support this site) However, I think a year of effort might suffice to pay for a piece of fried chicken in Wahid Cafe. If I can hire someone to do this job for the same price, I am willing to hire 50 of you guys to run this site, but would you do it just because of the money? I am sure no one in their right mind would do it just for the money. In short, it all depends on the passion to motivate you to continue this. I love simple site-building, I love medicine, so why not make good use of it?

I am one of those who believe that sharing is caring, for no one can lead a lonely life. As Jeffrey has mentioned, we are here, in the medical faculty, not to compete, but to complete each other. Whatever rat race we were once involved in the Malaysian education system ended once we entered this field. Help out each other while we can, for we ourselves would never know when we would be needing help ourselves. That is why we continue to maintain this site in hope of helping out the others as much as we can within our capacities.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short talk on the 1st anniversary of this site of active duty. I would like to thank all members (especially Jeffrey who lend a great help indeed for this site with his knowledge) who remained helpful and supportive to improve this site for the betterment of our colleagues as well as medical students throughout who are inquisitive and hunger for knowledge. May this site be useful.

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Jeff said...

haiyo...paiseh leh u mentioned my name twice in 1 post....haha btw u can convert a file to pdf rite? wait when i'm done writing all those PE u convert for me k? muakz happy holidays

aina nana said...

happy anniversary.

i love this blog.hehe

~YM~ said...

2 jeff:
no prob, I can help pdf conversion if u want. keke..

2 aina:
thnx for the wishes! n_n

CONNIE said...

happy anniversary.
hoping to do something like what u been doing.