ENT intro

If you're reading this, most likely is that you are interested in what ENT posting is like. Basically, ENT posting is of 3 weeks duration, a rather short duration since it's a minor posting.

The ENT department would be on the 9th floor, and most of the time, you'll be needing to go to the Seminar Room. (which would also be your lecture room nevertheless with its low oxygen capacity)

Briefing would usually start at 8am on the 1st day. The reason why it's so early is because your first lecture would start right after the introduction to ENT briefing.

The first week in ENT consists mainly of lectures. Most of the time, the time allocated for your other activities would be short and interupted. The lectures will continue up to the early of 2nd week, thus it will be much more relaxing after that.

Clinic is one of the most important place to learn in ENT. Patients are seldomly admitted due to ear problems (otitis media, etc), so they are managed in the wards. Other than that, there's equal distribution of patients with nose and throat problems in the clinic and wards. Follow your supervisor or MO's according to the timetable given to you. Each group is designated into a different place at one time. You'll realise that you'll get more chances to practice your otoscope and other ENT skills in the clinic more than in the wards. Observe procedures required in the logbook, as there are also days where you'll have to drop by at the audiology room and speech and physio therapy area(basement). Remember to make arrangement with the physio/speech therapist before you attend their therapy sessions. They demand respect not less than anyone else!

The wards is the place to manage the patient, just like any surgery ward rounds. It is good to come and learn, as ENT doctors are more than willing to teach when you approach and ask them. Of course, remember to be courteous and polite. Btw, ward rounds are done in the morning before the clinic starts, and pre-op assessment (scopes, etc) is done in the evenings. Therefore, it's good to hang around in the wards where you can see as much as you can, because time is short.

There are very few occasions where you can enter the OT. Generally, some groups may have the chance to enter once, and some twice, stated in the timetable. Whatever it is, it is advisable to learn more from the procedures. There are chances where you can get to see some tracheotomy during on-calls, so be vigilant!

On the last week, there would be a Mini Assessment (Mini CEx) on all students on their clinical abilities. Most of the time, it would be done on the patients in the clinic. Do not worry, because ENT doctors are kind. You are just required to do a specific task (Rinne and Weber test, otoscopy, cranial nerve examination, etc) until you pass. Unsatisfactory performances are given second chances. But do note that you must not be too poor in your clinical skills, whether in examining the ear, nose or oral cavity and throat. At least read up a bit and I'm sure it'll be easy to pass.

Last but not least, you have to submit your CWU usually by last day of the posting or first day of the next minor posting. Check with your supervisor, because 3 days sure make a lot of difference for most people! The suggested template can be downloaded at the sidebar (Download section) but do not that the mark allocation may not be correct. Enquire from the office.

So, all the best, and enjoy your posting. It's not that hard after all, it's just the time making us fools out of nothing. :P

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