Update 12th March 2009

This is an update notice of the ongoing events for the 3rd year med students:

1. The results is out today(12th March 2009) and you can check if you've passed. The result slips can be obtained later on probably next week. For a brief breakdown, there are no one who failed the Medicine and Society posting as well as Surgery posting. surprisingly, there are more than 30 failures in PPD posting, as a result of the O&G referral letter writing.

2. Application for KTDI hostels would be opened around next month. The current online application is for the Bangi administration to do a head count on the number of residents in KTDI which is not of utmost importance and WOULD NOT affect your hostel application. So, do not worry if the ukm.my/upp server is not responsive.

Therefore, happy holidays and enjoy your elective humanitarian posting!

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