The 1st day of Clinical Posting

Hi, everyone, many 3rd year juniors are concerned about what they shall do on the very first day in Medicine, O&G and Surgery posting. So, I decided to write a brief and general checklist based on my experience, hopefully it will help.
  1. Attend the introduction lecture given by the department.
    Time: Usually at 8am, so better wake up early.
    Venue: 8th floor for Surgery posting and Internal Medicine posting, 2nd floor for O&G posting, in their repective departments. For JKM, you'll have to ask the department on the 1st floor near Klinik Warga. The briefing most likely will be held there or the 9th floor, but sometimes it can be at DK1 or DK2 in Blok Akademik, the same building where the library is located.
  2. Elect a posting representative (Ketua Posting)
    - this is to allow smooth interaction with the department office
  3. Meet with your own group members and elect a group leader, so that your leader can contact and meet your supervisor. (Meet in a group, not one by one!)
  4. Orientation with Ketua Jururawat in the ward
    - KJ in labour room for O&G
    - KJ in OT for surgery
  5. Take the logbook and guidebook from the academic office if available
  6. Register your course online or in the academic office at the start of the semester, whichever is required. The academic office is located on the 2nd floor in the Blok Akademik, the same building where the library is located.
Good Luck and all the best ya.

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