Waging War Against The Flu - By Jeffrey Lee


These are few steps that we can take to keep everybody safe from the virus

Coughing and Sneezing Etiquette
Please do not cough or sneeze into a human being or any objects. Even when you're wearing a mask, please turn away, cover your mouth with the sleeve of your OWN shirt(not cough into other people's shoulder). If you are that sick please do not attend any functions. You can easily spread your "goodies" to the whole population.
Wash your hand or at least use a handrub(Dettol or something) after you've coughed or sneezed. Minimise contact with humans.

Hand Washing
Wash your hand, wash your hand and wash your hand. Please, especially after going to public places such as LRT, Cinema etc. The things you touch might have been sneezed on before you come touching them.

Do not Deny
Please don't be in a state of denial when you've got symptoms of the Flu. Go get screening done ASAP. The flu, if detected early is treatable with anti-virals. there's no need to be afraid. The longer you take to seek treatment, the higher the mortality rate.

Don't go looking for trouble
if possible, postpone all holidays and trips to prevent imported cases. This is very important because in Malaysia most cases are imported ones. If that is not possible,please go get treatment if you've got symptoms after you're done with your trip. Hate to say this, but its blatantly selfish of some people to infect a whole lot of people before getting treatment. If you've got symptoms, dont go on board. or at least, wear a mask.

Wear a Mask
Not the cheap one, i mean the surgical mask. But then, do not think that you can not infect others(or get infected) when you're wearing a mask. Viral particles are many many times smaller than the pores of the mask, and when expelled with a strong force(cough or sneeze) some may escape into surroundings.

Mask is to REDUCE risk, it does not ELIMINATE risk.

Buy a Dettol or any other hygienic hand rub and make it a habit to clean your hands frequently. You may have the virus in your hand. When you start rubbing your eyes and picking your nose or what not, you've inoculated the virus into yourself.

Medical students, health personnels, please practice these basic steps. If even us in the medical field refuse to take these simple measures, who will? Initiate the change and win the war againts the Flu.

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