Dermatology->Its not only Skin Deep
  1. Definition of the rashes: (its all in 1 page of Talley's if you care to look)
    • Macule
    • Papule
    • Nodule
    • Pustule
    • Vesicle
    • Bullae
    • Keratosis
    • Lichenification
    • Purpura
    • Petechiae
    • Echymoses

  2. How to differentiate them?

  3. What disorder can give rise to them?

  4. The common place they appear in different disease :
    e.g. HSV 2 viral infection, HPV infection, Molluscum contagiosum

  5. The "hi-tech" rashes :
    condylomata acunimata, condylomata lata, snail track rash, gumma, pyoderma gangrenosum: Where are they usually found and in what condition

  6. Common bacteria and viral pathogen :
    the "cardinal sign" Staph aureus, Strep pyogenes, poxviridae, HSV,HPV and STDs Syphillis

  7. Steven-Johnsons Syndrome (SJS) - Definition, what agent can induce S-J syndrome, the severe form TEN(stands for what, find out).

  8. What other conditions lead to target lesions?
The most important thing in Dermatology is definition.Remember the definitions well.

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