Diabetes Mellitus- Sugar is not so Sweet, after all

Internal Medicine
Quite worried that some of my colleagues going for exam can't tell me much about diabetes mellitus. So what is written here is the basic must-knows.

  1. Classification of diabetes--> Contrary to popular belief, there are actually 9 types of diabetes. We frequently say there's only 2(or at most 3) because that's the most "popular" diabetes. Find out(from Papa Robins). Find the difference between type 1 and type 2.

  2. Pathophysiology of diabetes (Why some is more common in obesed people and some people with diabetes are lean, What happened in diabetes that can lead to diabetic Ketoacidosis)

  3. DKA and Non ketotic hyperglycaemic attack--> what are the difference? DKA can occur in which type(s) of diabetes? What to do with people who have DKA?

  4. Types of OHA : Classification, rough idea on the mode of action. Which one is contraindicated in renal, hepatic and heart failure(MUST KNOW, or you will kill the patient)? What are the advantages of certain agents and the side effects(besides hypoglycaemia, of course)

  5. Insulin : Types(long acting, intermediate and short as well as rapid acting), what combination regimes are used, why certain insulin cannot be mixed and must be given by different syringe, where is the site of administration of insulin. And, is it given subcutaneous or IMly?

  6. Hypoglycaemic attacks : How to differentiate with DKA? What if patient is on Beta Blockers?

  7. Complications of Diabetes: From top to toe, must know~ Especially the diabetic foot ulcers. Why it happen and how to avoid it?

  8. What advice would you give a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes? Is it curable?

  9. Foot care in diabetes: Rough idea

  10. (my favourite question) How many types of diabetic neuropathy? Why does it manifest in different way in different person?**no need answer also nevermind:)**
OSCE : Examination of the lower limbs of patient with diabetes: What to look for.

PPD question : What about some traditional preparations (Misai kucing, Hempedu Bumi etc), does it help? Patient insist on taking it, what would you do?

Good luck~ All the best :)

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Jeffrey said...

forget one important question : How is diabetes diagnosed? Any questions can be posted here or just mail me at jeffsylee@yahoo.com :) Happy working .

Anonymous said...

2 ways:
- classic triad of polydipsia, polyuria, weight loss + Fasting blood glucose >7.0 + OGTT > 11.0

-HbA1c >6.9% + OGTT > 11.0