Nephrology : Filtering and Plumbing

Since the kidney is one of the main homeostatic organs,the most important thing in Nephrology is Anatomy and Physiology. From the glomerulus to the collecting duct, make sure you know which part is responsible for certain ion absorbtion and maintainance of acid-base balance.

Gross anatomy : Cortex,medulla, renal pelvis, renal papilla etc

Part of the nephron which is responsible to release renin and maintainance of blood pressure.

Control of calcium and other ion concentration.

Erythropoetin secretion regulation

Creatine and urea level: What does it signify?

Proteinuria: Nephrotic and Nephritic syndrome and its causes

Spot Urine Protein: Creatinine index : MUST know. What does it show?

UTI-> As important as URTI in Respiration(means very important la). Common organisms, Urease producing ones, and why is it so important to know whether the causative agent produce urease or not

Urine dipstick interpretation: Wat changes can be expected in UTI and nephrotic syndrome

Hypertension in the young

Renal Failure : Acute and Chronic: Pathophysiology

Nephrology needs understanding of the Physiology to be able to make sense of what is happening to the patient. Thus, don't memorise blindly, please understand the physiology and relate it to the disease.

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