Standard Operating Procedures (Medical Assistants in Primary Healthcare)

Standard Operating Procedures serve as guides to meet the standard of care and professionalism set out by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. It also serves to enhance public awareness of such standards expected from health care providers in the community. Such awareness will hopefully encourage greater compliance to these guidelines by Assistant Medical Officers. It is in their best interest that they adhere, at all times, to the series of practice guidelines that have been prepared by the Ministry of Health.

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  1. Surgical Conditions:
    • Foreign body in the ear
    • Foreign body in eye
    • foreign body in nose
    • Skin lumps
  2. Infections
    • Dengue Fever
    • HIV/AIDS
  3. Dermatological conditions
    • Warts
  4. Metabolic Disorders
    • Acute Hyperglycemia
    • Acute Hypoglycemia
  5. Psychiatric Conditions
    • Violent Psychiatric Patient
  6. Obstetric condition
    • Antepartum Hemorhhage
    • Postpartum Hemorrhage
    • Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia
    • Puerperal Fever
  7. Symptoms
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Constipation in Adults
    • Ear Discharge
    • Hyperventilation
    • Loss of Weight
    • Edema in adults
    • Palitations
    • Tremors
  8. Others
    • Case brought in dead
    • CVD screening

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