Growth-as seen on the chart

This is the growth chart of Ahmad, an 18 month old toddler. Comment on his growth.

a) What are the relevant important histories that need to be acquired?

b)What is the cause of this condition?

c) How would you expect the head circumference growth pattern to be? Explain

d) What could be the cause(s) of the abnormalities based on the above growth chart alone?

e)At 21 month and 24 month, the weight is 9.3kg and 9kg respectively. The height is 79cm and 79.5cm at 21 month and 24 month respectively. Comment on the growth and postulate some causes.

f) at 36 month, the height is 90 cm. The weight is 13 kg. Name 1 other information on growth that you would like to know?

g) Describe the prognosis for growth in (f).

Some may seem farfetched, but this is more than enough about growth chart that we need to know. It is also part of the OSCE last year.

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