The battle must go on

Finally the results for 3rd and 4th years are out. For 4th year, most of them passed while for 3rd year, almost half of them did not make it. For those who succeed and passed their exams, congrats and go enjoy your holiday or erective, errr i mean, elective posting or whatever.

For those who get stuck somewhere, don't get demotivated. The battle to gain knowledge is never ending, and you will never know when you will have trouble. Even those who passed or score won't dream of having an easy road ahead. The road that must be traversed is never an Expressway or highway, it is indeed, the desert.

Thus when we tersangkut, we must not get sad or depressed, and squat down by the roadside and cry. We must gather all our strength, put to right of what went wrong and go on. That is the rational thing to do. Mourning over our failure did nothing but increasing our chance of failing once again.

Get help whenever you need them. Don't let shyness and ego get in your way of knowing.

I am sure we at the Medicalpbl will be ever willing to provide any assistance to anyone requiring them. Just post any questions here and the team will try their best to answer them. But remember, do not swallow our answers just like that, think and verify them before accepting. We will, of course direct you to our source for your verification. This, i think, is the least we at Medicalpbl can do for you.

Fight the good battle, go on, all the best, jia you, gambate and whatever~ We are all behind, in front, beside, above and below you ! : )

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~YM~ said...

Yes, I do agree with Jeffrey. You are not alone, we'll try to help you. Zero repeater campaigners would be all out to do their best too. :)

yan chin said...

Agree! Prof Ha used to say 'repeating any posting in clinical years is never a waste. u will definately learn more than others at the end of the posting. Gampadek!