Booklist for 4th Year, UKM Faculty of Medicine

Disclaimer :These books are purely the author's recommendation only. Don't complain to him if you find it not compatible with you. :)


  1. Apley's Concise System of Orthopaedics and Practures
  2. Lee Joon Kiong (UM) Physical examination in Orthopaedics
  3. Bruce Reider's The orthopaedic Physical examination(can be downloaded, dont buy)
  4. McRaes physical examination in Orthopaedics (Borrow from library)
  5. Netters Orthopaedic atlas (I dont know, this is recommended by many i did not buy it cuz its expensive and i already have my Netters)
  1. Nelson Textbook of Paediatrics (if you cant afford, Borrow 1 in the library)
  2. Paediatric Protocol for Malaysian Hospitals (dont buy at Kamal and dont photostat, buy at Jln Raja Muda Abdul Aziz the cancer society...cheaper by 50%...Ask YM where it is)
    YM: click HERE for the link to the post on the protocol book.
  3. Oxfords Handbook of Paediatrics(very good and simple book)
  4. Paediatrics,3rd edition. Lissauer and Clayden a.k.a Sunflower(dont say this to lecturer, they will kill you)
  5. Gomela Textbook of Neonatology(Borrow or photostat.Only selected chapters used)
  6. Atlas of Neonatology (The author is from India, I forget her name..dont buy or borrow the British one)-> Very useful in neonatology, borrow it from library
  7. Kumar and Clark: Pocket essentials of Paediatrics. (optional, case-oriented. Supplementary reading only dont use as textbook)
  8. Growth chart Interpretition (I forget the authors name, its a small book the size of labour room protocol, with green hard cover) Find in Library.
  9. The various CPGs......PLEASE get them or download.

Psychiatry (All can photostat, because no picture one)
  1. A First Aid for Psychiatry Clerkship,2nd edition
  2. Oxford Psychiatry,3rd edition
  3. Kaplans Psychiatry, dunno-how-many edition because rarely read.
    Combine 1) and 2) with lil bit of 3, and of course your clinic sessions.
  4. Handbook of essential Psychiatry, UKM Psychiatry department...They will sell to you, its optional. Quite good for understanding psychopathology.
  5. CPG are not usually depends on your supervisors experience, follow them.
  6. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual,4th Edition,American Psychiatric Association.

YM: My referral for Triad Books has been posted HERE.

  1. Disease of the Ear, Nose, Throat by Dhingra (Best book for me.)
  2. Lecture notes series: Diseases of the Ear, nose and throat (Most people say this is enough, but i think its a lil too brief, up to you. I never use it.)

Ophthalmology-_-"..(sorry cant help sweating at hearing most feared 4th year posting, YM knows why)^^
  1. Lecture notes series on Opthalmology
  2. Kanski Opthalmology (Borrow from library)
  3. YM's Fundoscopy made easy(download from somewhere in this site)* Very useful it saved me from my supervisor*
    YM: Check out the Ophthalmology section: HERE. A revised edition may be out soon though.
  4. At a glance Ophthalmology ( I dont like, but lots of people for yourself)

Anusthesiology, i mean Anaesthesiology.

  1. Lecture notes series on Anaesthesia
  2. Seniors powerpoint lecture notes from Kak Ros

Internet sources you will find useful
  1. E medicine Paediatrics General medicine and Surgery
  2. E medicine Orthopaedics surgery
  3. Traction techniques in Orthopaedics
  4. E medicine Opthalmology
  5. Shoulder injuries and examination

Paediatric powerpoint notes on Neonatal assessment by me....going to be uploaded soon.(yea yea i dont know how to upload)
YM: Already uploaded and available in Pediatrics section. :P

Thats about it. Enjoy your 4th year :)

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tham said...

buy...dun be like me borrowing books i gotta buy for my 5th year....sob sob still go out...

jeff said...

tham tham, u no need books ma! haha its all inside

Su Yan said...

@ Jeffrey: I could not find that green book you mentioned...haih...but, luckily OSCE was simple!

And yes, Neonatology was a waste of money...ended up using like what? 5 chapters?

You forgot to mention: Just photocopy anaes books. Unless you have plenty of moolah, buy then. :)