UKMMC Academic Dates for the Year 2010/2011

Well, here it is, the new academic dates had been posted up on the notice board at the Academic Office. While the academic year dates had been posted up, we had spotted quite some mistakes and errors on the dates itself. I have corrected some, which those are obvious mistakes, and put up a projection when possible, particularly on the Year 3 dates. Apparently Year 5 posting dates are the one with no obvious mistakes/problems (yet). So, do help us to double check if there's anything wrong with the dates.

The links below would lead to the pages for the respective academic year 3, 4, and 5. Alternatively, I have added a new menu tab for the academic year dates, and you can also download it in pdf format from the download sidebar.(

  1. UKMMC Degree of Medicine Year 3 Academic Dates for 2010/2011
  2. UKMMC Degree of Medicine Year 4 Academic Dates for 2010/2011
  3. UKMMC Degree of Medicine Year 5 Academic Dates for 2010/2011

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