Sarawak Handbook of Medical Emergencies, 3rd edition

This handbook features a few difference compared to its predecessor (2nd edition). Among the few noted differences were:

  1. There are additions and updates of the chapters whenever possible.
  2. New updated values according to international/ local consensus & guidelines
  3. Legitimate and larger fonts, making it more comfortable to the eyes.
  4. Glossy paper quality, making it seems nicer (although you might have trouble highlighting the book)
  5. Better presentations for the charts and tables.
  6. An index at the back of the book, making referencing easier. 
  7. Last but not least, the cover is different.

This handbook can be purchased from the bookshop below at RM42 as of date (10th May 2011) at:  

Syarikat Kamal134, Jalan Pahang, Setapak
53000 Kuala Lumpur.
TEL: 603-4021 9915, 4021 0575
FAX: 603-4024 6415


If you're hoping that someone would send it to your place, you can request for one of the handbooks for delivery to your footstep, from:

Until then, this post is to inform you that it's out now! You may want to grab hold of this latest edition before starting your housemanship.(2nd edition was in 2005) :P

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Anonymous said...

P/s: I bought it cheaper in Kamal compared to the site given. :D but i guess if u consider transportation to kamal and parking whatnots, its pretty similar.

~YM~ said...

oh really? Mind updating us on the price in Kamal? As I've yet to go to Kamal to have a look, I'm not sure of the actual price sold In Kamal.

Plus, I'm staying around 10km away from Kamal, which I think should not be a problem. :P

Anonymous said...

Rm42, if i'm not mistaken.

~YM~ said...

@anonymous: thanks for the info. I had just bought form Kamal too. :)

Anonymous said...

have PDF file for this book..?=)

~YM~ said...

@anonymous: sorry, I don't think there is a pdf copy as of yet. :)