Medical Case Files & Submissions

Many moons ago, there once was an idea to form a section on medical case files in MedPBL. Due to the lack of manpower, the effort did not materialize much, with only 3 cases in the bank. Now that MedPBL has consolidate further over a few years time, it is time to bring back this idea back into the fray.

Currently, MedPBL accepts any form of medical cases for discussions and learning, be it from the cases you encounter on daily basis, or some interesting ones elsewhere. From Medicine, Surgery downright to Orthopedics, we do accept all sorts of cases from the fields of Modern Medicine (I'm sorry, as homeopathy is out of my scope of knowledge and moderation indeed).

Hence, wherever you are in this world, from within or out of Malaysia, we are willing to share your case. Of course, the identity of the patient shall not be revealed, and we will credit the sender appropriately. If you prefer to use a pseudonym instead, we would also be glad to help you with that.

Don't worry, all we need is a fresh case, with some description at the very least. Further discussion can be worked out later. :)

To have a view at the current case files: Medical Case Files

To submit your medical cases: Medical Cases Submission

*P.S: I have allocate a tab on top for this section.

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