CPG of Infectious Disease: Melioidosis and Leptospirosis

Here are the latest addition of CPG's in MedPBL's collection.

  • Guidelines for Clinical and Public Health Management of Melioidosis in Pahang - 2011
    Download Links: Box.net | Mediafire

  • Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Management, Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis in Malaysia - 2011
    Download Links: Box.net | Mediafire
For a view of the whole collection of Malaysia CPG's available in Medical PBL (Trust me, we do have quite a collection), kindly do refer to: ==> HERE

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Anonymous said...

wats the password

~YM~ said...

There's no password for this file (Most of the files) unless specified. Perhaps you should redownload the file as it could be corrupted due to broken download.