National Antibiotic Guideline (2nd Edition) - 2014

Since the 2008 National Antibiotic Guideline was more than 5 years ago, it is time for the new guideline to be published. Here it is, the 2nd edition by the Ministry of Health.

FYI, there had been some correction done on the dose for Augmentin has the dose has been rectified. For our Amoxycillin/Clavulanate (500/125) formulation, the dosing should be 625mg t.d.s instead of b.d. This is in line with the amoxycillin dosing of 500mg t.d.s.

Below are the download links for the pdf version as well as the Playstore link for Android. Pretty sorry for those in iOS, but I guess those using iPhone will need to bear with the pdf version for the time being. :) Kudos to the Ministry of Health and the Pharmaceutical division for the initiative to include it in Android.

National Antibiotic Guideline (2nd edition) - 2014
Download Links: Dropbox| Mediafire

Playstore: Android (Supports Android Version 2.2 and up)

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