5th Year: PBL Session with Prof Shahrir (Updated Jan 31st, 2011)

Below is the compilation of the PBL Sessions we have and those we'll be having with Prof Shahrir for this year. I'll arrange it by dates, and hopefully, be able to get all of it for us to share. :)

P.S: Since the files are small in size, I'll put in in Box.net since it has no expiry for downloads and no IP limitations like Rapidshare and Sendspace.  

  • Ischemic Heart Disease + Heart Failure (22nd and 29th April 2010)
    Syed Muhammad et al.
    Download Link: Box.net | Mediafire
  • Diabetes Mellitus  (6th and 13th May 2010)
    Yap Su Yan et al.
    Download Link:
    Box.net | Mediafire  
  • Steven-Johnson's Syndrome (10th June 2010) Tan Yan Chin et al
    Download Link:
    Box.net | Mediafire 

  • End Stage Renal Failure (2nd July 2010)
    Alvis et al
    Download Link:
    Box.net | Mediafire

  • Meningitis (20th Aug 2010) Azizah et al (Thanks to Derick for the ppt file)
    Download Link:
    Box.net | Mediafire
  • Pulmonary Embolism (18th Nov 2010)
    Download Link: Box.net | Mediafire
  • Electrolyte Imbalances (6th Dec 2010) (Vishaliny, Si Ling, et al) 
    Download Link: Box.net | Mediafire 
PBL Sessions with Other Lecturers
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus - Sweet Mommy (18th Aug 2010) With Assoc Prof Dr Norazlin,O&G
    Download Link: Box.net | Mediafire

Prof Shahrir Intensive Class:
  • Cardiovascular System (+ECG) - Jan 26th, 2011Download Link: Box.net | Mediafire

A Brief Introduction to Assoc. Prof. Shahrir
Name: Assoc. Prof. Mohd Shahrir Mohd Said
Qualifications: MBBS (Mal), MMed Internal Medicine (UKM)
Specialty: Rheumatology
Employer: USIM/ UKM
Intro: Born with a heart of gold, Prof Sharir is a passionate teacher, doctor, and a good friend. With his teachings, he inspire students to be great doctors. With his treatment, he allows patients to lead a great life. He is one of the very few who shows genuine concern to people, regardless of them being his friend, patients or students.

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