Long time never write here already~~ so its time for some overview on orthopaedics

Orthopaedics Textbooks: Concise (or Big?) Apleys...basically not so enough because the management part is outdated. Need to learn from registrars and the Net
On the net a good website is Emedicine Orthopaedic Surgery
For PE, although most advocate the use of the Lee Joon Keong UM PE, i don't really like it(partly because the style is the same as the booklet on PE that i wrote) mainly because some important stuff are not mentioned in it. Therefore,i think a better book will be McRey's and Reiders(available in PDF format but i dunno how to upload, wait i send to YM :P). Nonetheless, if you still want to use the UM book you must add in lots of things from Reiders and McReys.

Orthopaedic Department is on the 9th floor, meet in the Seminar room during the 1st day. No supervisors in Orthopaedics, you will be rotated between the 7 teams, 2 weeks for the 1st team and 1 week each for the next few teams.

Clinic is very important because you can clerk new cases and "pretend" to be doctors. You are allowed to write your findings in the case notes, so there's no need to bring any paper to clerk. You can formulate differentials and provisional diagnosis. Present to whoever you like(or whoever who is willing to listen). Important things are learnt from clinics mostly.

Ward rounds for some team are just "walk-around" sessions, while for other teams(Rehab and Arthro for instance), we are really part of the team.

Orthopaedics is nice because it is not so rigid(skema) and you can follow and learn from whoever you like.

Files for orthopaedics will be sent to YM to be uploaded.

Medical Books:
McRae's PE, netter's Orthopedics, etc - Dr Pirates

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