Intro to Year 4 Clinical Posting

Well, the 4th years do need some advise on this matter (clinical posting) as well, right? So, here's going to be a compilation of efforts from anyone and everyone regarding the postings, be it a short note, or a lengthy detailed ones. A really grateful thanks to all contributors to this section who share their very own experiences. n_n

Posting Meetup on 1st day - by YM

Triad Posting (ENT, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology):
Triad Posting Books - by YM
ENT Intro - by YM
Ophthalmology Intro - by YM

Psychiatry Posting:

Orthopedic Posting:
Orthopedics - by Jeffrey

Pediatrics Posting:
Paediatrics - by Jeffrey 

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Anonymous said...

no briefing for paeds posting?

~YM~ said...

Hi anonymous, the briefing for peds posting is up. :)