Course Teaching Evaluation System(CTES)/ Sistem Penilaian Pengajaran Kursus (SPPK), UKM Holidays! Sorry for the long absence, as I was as well in a holiday mood. For the 3rd Years, I know this is rather late, but all the best for your exams, there's still OSCE left though.

As usual, this is the time of the year (or semester) where we (NUM 4th Year Medical Student) are required to fill in the evaluation form (CTES/ SPPK) for our lecturers and supervisors. Please be reminded that it should be done by 2nd March 2010, as mentioned earlier via PERSIAP BBA Year 4. Please fill in for at least 2 lecturers. :)

Status: Verified
You'll have to print the SPPK form with the status "complete" and exhange for your results certificate. Otherwise, you can only have a look at it without taking it back.
All in all, do remember to fill in the CTES/ SPPK as it is still our responsibility to help out in the evaluation. Therefore, do proceed to the CTES/ SPPK site by clicking on the image below.

P.S: The pass/ fail results for Year 4 medical Students would be taken down at 12am tonight(when it crosses 27th Feb 2010). This would be the last chance for you to have a look(for those who haven't) before it's gone for good.

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