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Below are the compilation of efforts for the Ophthalmology posting. Sadly, there aren't any soft copy of lecture notes a a result of non-distribution. However, we'll try next time with the help of other groups in other posting if possible.

On the other hand, here's a copy of production from Medical PBL to aid in the fundoscopy techniques and findings. I admit there's quite a number of flaws in it, so I hope there would be reviewers who would kindly give your comments and suggestions to improve this "book."

*Update(15th April 2010): The revised 3rd edition is now available!

Fundoscopy Made Easy
3rd edition
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  • Ophthalmology Case Write Up Template
    Download Links: Boxnet (Also in sidebar Downloads Section)
  • Welch-Allyn Guide to the Use of Diagnostic Tools for Ear and Eye Examination
    Download Links: Boxnet (Also in sidebar Downloads Section)
Medical Books

The case write up template for Ophthalmology can be downloaded from the sidebar. This template is in accordance with the one given to the representative posting.

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