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Note: The ENT CWU format had been updated with the most current ones(as of Dec 2009). Special thanks to Muhd Faiz and Thomson for their help to enable this CWU format to be here. :)

Below are the compilation of efforts for the ENT posting, which the downloads are solely for internal distribution. The added extra readings will be for all to read and gain.

*Note: The links are internal (leading to sites in Med PBL) unless stated otherwise

ENT Introduction - YM
Triad Posting Books - YM

*Updated ENT Case Write Up Template Dec 2009 (From Group 4-last posting)

Download Link: 4shared | | Sendspace | (Sidebar download)
(The previous CWU had been removed and replaced by the current format as of Dec 2009)
Special thanks to Faiz and Thomson, for enabling this CWU to be uploaded here

Medical Books:
Lecture Notes Series (ENT, Ophthalmology & Anesthesiology) - Dr Pirates
Other ENT Books Collection - Dr Pirates

PBL for ENT (Group 1 posting)

Download links: Rapidshare| Sendspace | 4shared

Consensus Guidelines on URTI 2009 ( Rhinosinusitis, Pharyngitis and Acute Otitis Media)
Download Link: 4shared
(Also available in Downloads Section in ENT file)

Lectures: (Group 1 posting)

  • Deafness - Prof Asma
  • Benign Neck Mass
  • Neck Malignancy
  • Tumors of Nose, Paranasal Sinuses and Nasopharynx

    Download links: Rapidshare | Sendspace | 4shared

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