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Special thanks to everyone for their compilation efforts in this posting, comprising of materials from their respective Peds group posting. Their efforts are greatly appreciated for their sense of altruism. Thanks again! :)

Link to Year 5 Pediatrics Downloads (Pediatrics 2)
Group 1 posting: Koh Ging, Yee Ming, Choy Yin

Group 2 posting: Chin Kimg

Group 3 posting: Jeffrey

Group 4 posting: Yi Hui

  1. My Floppy Infants (Notes) - by Jeffrey (31st March 2010)
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  2. UKMMC NICU materials
    Download Links:
    Inclusive of:

    • Closed Incubator 
    • Creatinine Reference Range 
    • Early Criteria for Surfactant Therapy 
    • Guidelines to advice mother on proper EBM 
    • Insulin Guidelines in NICU UKMMC 
    • Normal leukocyte count 
    • Procalcitonin Range in Newborn 
    • Silverman Scoring 
    • Sucking Stimulation Technique 
    • Vital Signs observation of Neonates

Medical Books:
  1. Pediatrics Collection - Dr Pirates
  2. Pediatric Protocols for Malaysian Hospital, 2nd edition

Group 1 Presentations:
    • S01- Principals of Infant Nutrition and Breast Feeding
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    • S02- Neonatal Jaundice
      Download links: Mediafire | 4shared
    • S03- Childhood Immunization
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    • S04- Normal Development
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    • S05- Common Respiratory Problems
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    • S06- Vomiting, Diarrhea, Assessment of Dehydration, Management of Shock and Fluid Therapy
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    • S07- Neonatal Infections
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      Group 2:
      • X- Ray of Chest and Abdomen in Pediatrics Updated! (9th Oct 09)
        (2 ppt files, one for chest and one for abdomen)
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      Group 3 Presentations:
      Group 4 Presentations:

      Express Q & A Revision:
      1. Rashes of Infancy - by Jeffrey
      2. Growth as Seen on Chart - by Jeffrey

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      vrshni said...

      hi im sorry but i would like to view the slides of common respiratory problems in paeds but i am unable to open it. Kindly share the slides or maybe try using another link to load the slides again.

      Thank you.

      p/s: very informative presentations.

      Eden Scarlet said...

      OMFG it's so lucky to found this page! Thanks seniors!!! #UKM med student on 2nd day of paeds posting.. well, 2nd day of 4th year as well.