Colposcopy Room

This is a place which is good to see if you have the free time. Located on the 1st floor, it is at the opposite direction of the Red and Orange wards as you come out from the lift. From there, you'll have to follow the arrows or ask for directions as it is hidden deep inside. Usually it opens on 2pm on certain days, so you'll have to check out which day is it and which doctor would be there. You'll understand what I mean by then, don't worry.

This is where you observe the colposcopy procedure, which is one of the essential knowledge. Get to know how is it done, its indications, and the concept of the use of acetic acid and Schiller’s test and the general classification of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Sometimes, colposcopic-directed biopsy is done as well. It is also good to know the treatment of CIN such as the ablative techniques and the large loop excision of transformation zone. And please, medical students should be able to describe the transformation zone.

Other venues:
  1. O&G Department Office
  2. O&G Clinics
  3. O&G Wards
  4. The Labor Ward
  5. O&G Operating Theatre
  6. First Stage Ward
  7. OGAC (Obs and Gybe Admission Center)
  8. Colposcopy room

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Jeffrey said...

Its at the same floor as the red ward,come out from the left, if the red ward is on the right, then the colposcopy room is on the left. Its usually open at 2pm to 5pm, and be sure to ask the nurse which prof is there know la.....hahhaa

~YM~ said...

2 Jeffrey:
Haha, thnx! Too long not in O&G posting, so not sure of the opening hours..